Food For Thought

The Roman Catholic Church in Los Angeles would pay a massive $660 million settlement to more than 500 sexual abuse victims.The deal which covers cases dating back to the 1940’s will be the largest settlement by any Roman Catholic archdiocese to sex abuse victims in the US.Partof the settlement is the release of internal documents which could raise questions over theleadership of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony.Mahony has been accused of covering up evidence of child molestation by transfering priests to other churches and trying to keep the abuse reports secret.
At least, in this case documents will be made available and some sort of apology was given.However,in the Watchtower’s abuse settlements victims were made to sign gag orders that prevent them from speaking out.Brooklyn is still trying to hide damning evidence from the rank and fileJehovah’s Witnesses.
No more is my money going into a contribution box at a Kingdom Hall.Jehovah’s Witnesses do not realise that their contributions to the Society have helped silence victims of child sexual abuse.

Food For Thought!