Wearing a Mask No More.

A year and a half ago I made my intentions of publishing a book documenting my experiences and exposing the Watchtower for what they truly are to my brother-in-law. It did not go down to well with him. In a conversation we had he tried to persuade me otherwise.

His reasoning was that I would be alienating family and friends I had in the organization and causing undue hardship on my wife and children. With regard to friends – what friends? If their friendship was on condition I belong to the Watchtower Society, then they were not my friends to start off with. Was I to live my life as one big lie? Was I to live it under the Watchtower yoke just so that my friends and family could treat me as always, all the while me knowing the facts about the organization? Was I to allow them in my house and listen to them speaking about all things Watchtower related and pretend to be in full agreement? Was I to carry on being a slave to men so I could continue association with them?

Do you for one minute think that I would deliberately choose to alienate myself and my family from friends and relatives we have known for decades? Only a fool would choose to do that!

I could not remain a coward any longer and I chose to speak out. I refused to wear a mask like so many who are still in the organization do.