Why I Left Jehovah’s Witnesses.

For twenty five years of my life I followed a religious concept that I thought, well, actually was led to believe, was the only way to “salvation”. I vigorously defended
my faith at school, work and wherever I came into contact with people discussing religion and God. I thought I knew it all and saw the rest of mankind as being blinded by Satan and tricked into false religion. However, while trying my utmost to be a faithful Jehovah’s Witness, doubts about my beliefs had surfaced in the back of my mind. These doubts eventually reached a magnitude so great that I found it impossible to ignore. Coupled with a lot of unchristian like behaviour of many in leadership positions, these eventually led to my independent research into Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Partly because of my strong interest in history, I embarked on researching the early beginnings of the religion. I eventually discovered that much of the teachings of Charles Taze Russell, who is credited as being the founder of the movement, was rooted in pyramidology. A fact that the Jehovah’s Witness organization today would much rather hide from their followers.

I also uncovered the doctrinal flip-flops of many of their teachings over the years, including their back and forth standpoints on the blood transfusion issue and organ transplants, amongst others. Standpoints that have caused so much needless loss of lives, including those of innocent children. This proved to me how bloodguilty this organisation is.

I could no longer support an organisation that gets away with spiritual abuse, child abuse, and murder in the name of God.